Tantalum Rods and Tubes

Tantalum Tubes, Tantalum Pipes and Tantalum Rods

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Product Description

General information

Tantalum rods and tubes are made up of tantalum sheets that go through extrusion, pipe reduction, or deep drawing to manufacture welded and seamless pipes. Large diameter ingots are cold rolled into smaller diameters. These are intermediately annealed, recrystallising the metal, and this whole process is then repeated. This process makes sure that there is no inconsistency found in Tantalum rods.

Tantalum rods and tubes are very hard. Tantalum is a rare metal that is chemically an inert as well as a stable element. Tantalum rods and tubes are ductile and can be made into filaments or foils. It has a low thermal expansion coefficient.

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We also provide Tantalum Wires, Tantalum Crucibles, and Tantalum substrates.

Key properties

  • High melting point 3,017 °C
  • High boiling point 5,458 °C
  • Material strength
  • Chemically stable
  • Chemically inert
  • High density
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Ductile


Tantalum rods and tubes are tough and have a high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. They are used: –

  • For chemical reaction containers
  • For producing thermocouple
  • For cutting tantalum jewellery
  • To produce tantalum wires, fasteners and specific shaped parts
  • In aeronautics industries
  • To produce tantalum electrodes