Platinum Crucible

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Product Description

General information

Platinum crucible’s distinctive features have made it a significant part of laboratories. It is lightweight, highly inactive with chemicals, and can be used in high temperatures. These properties help in acquiring results with precise accuracy in chemical analysis.

Platinum crucibles have 95% purity and so they don’t get corroded by acids and melted salts. Platinum crucibles have a long life and can be polished many times without the fear of scratches and cracks. Platinum crucibles are excellent vessels for mixing chemicals and have proved successful in preparing glass discs. They are available in different thickness and sizes as per the requirement.

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We also provide Platinum Wires, Platinum Rods and Platinum Tubes, Platinum substrates, and Platinum thin films.

Key properties

  • Durable life
  • High melting point 1770 °C
  • Strong
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Malleable
  • Ductility


Platinum crucibles are strong but lightweight and are highly resistant to chemical attack, they are mainly used: –

  • For sample preparation
  • For wet chemistry
  • For ash testing
  • For Loss on Ignition applications
  • Slag melting
  • XRF sample preparation
  • Analytical chemistry