Ceramic Fiber

Ceramic fiber, a lightweight and high-temperature-resistant material, finds widespread applications in industries such as aerospace, metallurgy, and petrochemicals due to its excellent thermal insulation properties. In furnace and kiln construction, ceramic fiber is used as insulation material to enhance energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss and maintaining high temperatures for various industrial processes. Ceramic fiber blankets, ceramic fiber boards, and modules are commonly employed in the construction of refractory linings for furnaces, kilns, and boilers, providing reliable insulation against extreme temperatures. This versatile material is extensively used in the manufacturing of gaskets, seals, and heat shields due to its resilience in high-temperature environments, making it an essential component in automotive and aerospace applications. Ceramic fiber textiles, like ropes and tapes, serve as flexible solutions for sealing and insulation in various settings, including chemical processing plants and power generation facilities, where resistance to thermal stress and durability are critical.

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