Single Channel Model
Single Channel Model Single Channel Model

Single Channel Model

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Product Description

M-Kube offers one of the best Potentiostat / Galvanostat in Australia.

Some of the key features include a galvanostat , a potentiostat, a quick digital function generator and a  high-speed data acquisition circuitry.

A combination of high end hardware along with premium software, it offers a top-notch performance in stability along with accuracy.

This product provides a comprehensive research platform to study corrosion of metals, electrosynthesis, electrodeposition (electroplating) battery tests, electrochemical analysis, sensor, life science study and environmental chemistry, New energy materials (Li-ion battery, solar cell, fuel cell, supercapacitors), advanced functional materials, photoelectronic materials; etc.

Our cost-effective model for researchers who require EIS, CV, LSV, galvanostatic charge & discharge, OCP, polarization curve (Tafel plot) etc. can be used for areas of battery, corrosion, and many others. It supports earth and floating modes.

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